Wednesday, May 27, 2015

9 years

Oh, how time flies.
We made a short Midwest road trip last week. Visited friends in WI and MN. And amongst the stops we made, we stopped at our alma mater- it brought back floods of memories checking out our old hang out places, even drove past my old rental home of 5 years.
Anyway, we also made a stop the the Minnesota Science Center. This was special for several reasons, the main reason being this was where Kristin and I went on our 2nd date 9 years ago, almost to the day! They had a Bodyworlds exhibit then, and so we checked it out. We also walked about the center, and took a picture sitting on the erythrocyte-modelled chair.
Then and now- (sighhhh)

My wife has threatened me with bodily harm should I post any then and now pictures of her- and because I value my family jewels I shall not do so.
But boy- it did make us realize how time flew by. Our first date in 2006, engaged in 2007, married in 2008. And now here with two beautiful girls who act like crazed monkeys. Professionally, it also reminded us of how we grew. From my first day at my alma mater in 2002, then fellowship in 2005 and graduation and practising as a consultant in 2008. It was a bonus too that it so happened that a fellow graduate and good friend from Singapore was making a 2 week visit for a clinical observership- and when he saw on my Facebook page we were there, he texted me and we were able to meet up and reminisce about the old times and the crazy things we did.
Life now is at a different pace. Work, family, all the grownup things like taxes, bills, mortgages and life insurance. But once in a while, it's nice to visit those earlier years in my dreams.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Disney Dream

We're back. And boy, was it a blast.
We took the 3 night cruise from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas on the Disney Dream. Best of all we got to go with my and Kristin's parents, taking up 3 cabins.
This was my 2nd cruise, but the first on a Disney ship. And boy, it was all I imagined, and more. The people on the ship were just so friendly, and the vessel was obviously geared towards to the kids with numerous activities for them. In fact, for the 3-11 year olds, the Oceaneer's Lab and Oceaneer's Club were play areas where you could drop your child off for free. They had all kinds of playthings and activities that even I was kinda envious of. They also had rooms for the tweens and teens, and a childcare service for kids under 3.
Best of all, thoguh the ship was extremely child-friendly, the adults would have plenty to do themselves. With the numerous pools, some adult-only, and the Aquaduck water coaster which actually loops you over the ocean at a point, Broadway-quality shows and great restaurants- there was plenty to keep us occupied.
The rooms were well-appointed- we got a cabin with a balcony which was well-worth it. With a queen sized bed, but two additional pull outs- but what was neat was they had two separate stalls for the toilet, and the shower; so you could have two people using the facilities at the same time.
The ship made stops in Nassau and Disney's own island- Castaway Key. Nassau was expectedly quite touristy- but I had a blast on the island paradise of Castaway. In fact, the kids spent 5 hours there! Beautiful beaches with calm waters, two waterslides and water activities. We rented a stand-up paddle boat and tried it out for the first time.
After the cruise, we spent a few more days at a rental condo at Cocoa Beach- also made a visit to NASA. After a week's vacation, we're back home.
Definitely would recommend a Disney Cruise to anyone- this was a wonderful experience and a bonus that the girls got to go with both sets of grandparents. Hope we'll get to do it again someday.

Saturday, May 09, 2015


Finally, after a long wait, they're here. My parents; Alli and Ava's Ah Kong and Ah Ma. They got in Sunday night- their last visit was several years ago, so we were excited to have them visit. The girls even made a banner for the wait at the airport. This was how the looked, before they got bored and tired after waiting for awhile. Eventually Alli just sat and moped while Ava fell half asleep >_<
They'll be with us for a month. Not as long as I'd wish, but long enough for the girls to spend some quality time with them. After all, the huge sacrifice living here is that they will grow up far away from their Malaysian roots. Skype helps, but there is much to be yearned.
Anyway, it's almost tradition; so much so that Kris cleared up the dining table in anticipation of this. Mom and dad never fail to bring loads and loads of contraband, aka Malaysian food. You will notice the 5 cups of kaya, in addition to the two jars of homemade kaya! And it's fun to see the kids take a liking to some of the kuihs.
They're here also for our much-anticipated trip; we will be taking a Disney cruise with my parents and in-laws. So 3 cabins side by side, to the Bahamas. This will be the girls' firsrt cruise, and our first on Disney, so we're really excited. 
Anyway, we depart Monday. Wish us luck!