Saturday, June 02, 2018

Happy Anniversary

It's about that time of the year again.
Buddy and his sweetheart got married 9 years ago this week (speaking of anniversaries, we are coming up on our 10th this week too!). Since he passed away, Kristin and I have made it a habit to send his wife flowers every year on their anniversary. After all, painful as it might be to have lost him on this Earth, the day still holds much meaning, and should never be forgotten.
Every year, I have my favorite KL florist send her a bouquet of flowers.
I figured, if someday I die before my wife, I'd like my best friends to send something to her on our day too. That's the least a brother could do for me.

That was a special day. I admired their strength and their resolve; they knew how this story was going to end, being an oncologist with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Long before that day, I remember us having a conversation; he asked if he should propose to her- knowing he had a terminal disease, and not wanting to make her a widow. And then they decided that love knows no boundaries, and that they wanted to be married and make full use of whatever time they had on this Earth. I remember how when the had their first dance, there was much laughter (they had a professionally choreographed dance!) as well as tears, seeing this play out, a story worthy of a Lifetime movie.
Happy Anniversary, guys. Bro, I got your back- you can repay me for the flowers when we next meet.