Wednesday, May 19, 2004


This is Veronica. My new baby.
I finally decided to accept a fellowship position here for endocrinology, (or hormonology for you non-medicine types). That will keep me here for another 4 years (including my senior resident year). With that, I decided to spoil myself, and traded in my Ford Escort for a new 2004 Honda Accord coupe. And I got the works too; leather interior, moonroof, 6 CD, satellite radio.
Why Veronica? Well, I've always had a crush on Archie's girl. And the black colour reminds me of her hair. Just don't tell Hemant; his wife happens to have the same name.
Probably doesn't show because of the reflection from the camera flash, but the plates say SUGRBOY.
(Get it? Endocrine= diabetes= sugar?)
Then again. Chinese guy with sunglasses and a number plate like that: people probably think I'm a pimp!Posted by Hello

Interior... Posted by Hello

Satellite radio ($9.99/month), 100 channels, most of them commercial free. Heh heh heh I sound like an ad, don't I?Posted by Hello

Veronica Posted by Hello

The late Sophie Posted by Hello


My old car, Sophie. I traded her in for Veronica.... kinda makes me feel like I betrayed her. Bought her the week I started working here. She served me well, but I just wanted to get something that would last me, and serve me well, for the next 4 years since I've decided to stay for fellowship.
Had bought her 2nd hand, Ford Escort ZX2, 2.0l 2-door coupe with sunroof and 6-CD. USA's equivalent of a Proton Putra, except that it's far more reliable, better made, more powerful and of course, CHEAPER (damn those corrupted politicians with their "Screw AFTA, we need to protect the local carmakers...". I bet someone's getting rich).
Goodbye, Sophie, old girl. You've been a doll. Thanks for the memories... Posted by Hello