Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ok, I admit it.
I've gotten lazy.
It's been 3 weeks since my last post. 
Therein lies the issue. Maybe life has gotten to be too mundane. Or busy with the kids. Or perhaps I'm just blissfully happy and have no need to vent out on my blog anymore Smiley. After all, I think that was one of the drivers for my posts:
Complaining about work.
Complaining about being homesick.
And perhaps most of all, complaining about being single (hoping that a girl would fall in love with me reading my blogs!)

It's interesting, a bit embarrassing, and maybe envy-inducing, reading my old posts, those going back 10 years ago when I was a trainee, working at the Mothership under the supervision of the Medical Gods, and seeing all those super-rare cases. Then coming home to a small rented house, hanging out with our community of Malaysian/Singaporean friends. I had a lot more free time then at night, and perhaps a lot of brain-juice and flowing creativity (hah).

I admit I've neglected this. For some reason, I just have less to say. I can't help but notice though I'm not the only one. Many of the blogs I used to follow (still sometimes check it out) are kinda like mine. Lapsed, infrequent entries. Or perhaps stopped completely. Are blogs fads that have passed, perhaps superseded by the newer social media platforms? After all, I vent and share so much more easily on Facebook, and at least I know the people there a bit better. I haven't yet caught up with Twitter or some of the other stuff out there, and it makes me feel old saying that.

Anyway, I'll still continue to update this with boring, mundane stuff. And the way life is right now, much of it will probably be of my most priceless possessions- my girls (wife included). I'm not even sure if I have any real readers anymore, beside those spambots- feel free to drop me a line if there are real people out there.

Happy weekend.