Saturday, May 09, 2015


Finally, after a long wait, they're here. My parents; Alli and Ava's Ah Kong and Ah Ma. They got in Sunday night- their last visit was several years ago, so we were excited to have them visit. The girls even made a banner for the wait at the airport. This was how the looked, before they got bored and tired after waiting for awhile. Eventually Alli just sat and moped while Ava fell half asleep >_<
They'll be with us for a month. Not as long as I'd wish, but long enough for the girls to spend some quality time with them. After all, the huge sacrifice living here is that they will grow up far away from their Malaysian roots. Skype helps, but there is much to be yearned.
Anyway, it's almost tradition; so much so that Kris cleared up the dining table in anticipation of this. Mom and dad never fail to bring loads and loads of contraband, aka Malaysian food. You will notice the 5 cups of kaya, in addition to the two jars of homemade kaya! And it's fun to see the kids take a liking to some of the kuihs.
They're here also for our much-anticipated trip; we will be taking a Disney cruise with my parents and in-laws. So 3 cabins side by side, to the Bahamas. This will be the girls' firsrt cruise, and our first on Disney, so we're really excited. 
Anyway, we depart Monday. Wish us luck!