Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Signs Your Kids Are Growing Up

  • Your girl is able to brush her own teeth and doesn't need any help
  • Being able to get herself dressed on her own
  • Telling me she doesn't need me to wave goodbye to her anymore as I drive away from daycare, as she'll have her friends to play with
  • At one time, you stand in the restroom with your daughter as she goes potty to make sure she doesn't fall into the bowl. Now, she goes "Daddy, I need some privacy please"
  • Going from singing lullabies at bedtime (I swear I've probably sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over two thousand times in the last 4 years) to reading bedtime stories, to now watching a video on the iPhone of One Direction and having the girls swoon and go "Oooo He's so Cute" at bedtime
  • Being able to tell me the name of a song when she hears it on the radio (when I've never even heard of it before. I guess this is how our dads must have felt hearing New Kids on the Block for the first time)
I'm reminded of the song Butterfly Kisses. To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls. Trying her wings out in a great big world.
Don't grow up too quick, kids. Because someday I'm going to be giving you away at your wedding. And THIS dad is definitely going to cry.