Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I saw this on the neuro floor of the hospital today.
Yes, I had to round on Christmas eve, but at least I get to sign out the pager to my colleague in the afternoon.
I'd say this was pretty creative of the healthcare staff.
And I do like how the hospital is decked out in holiday decor (without racist Isma and Perkasa idiots tearing down they don't accept).

And I guess I shouldn't complain. After all, I get to go home and be with family when the day is done. I can't say the same for my patients- they have to stay in a foreign, strange place, with strange food and smells and sounds, with strange people poking, prodding and waking them up.
So I thought it'd be fun to dress the part. I wore a Santa hat and reindeer tie for rounds yesterday and today.
And I thought it'd be a lark for the endocrinologist to be giving out candy canes to patients (see what's poking out from my pocket?).

(Don't sue me: I figured it's only 11 g of carbs and shouldn't mess up anyone's blood glucose too much!).
Merry Christmas, everyone. May this be the season you are filled with love, with family and loved ones near, or at least near to our hearts. In these times of madness in the world, let goodness and kindness prevail.