Sunday, February 01, 2015

Snow Day

We are in the midst of another snowstorm. About 12 inches so far and it's not going to end for another 7 hours. So we are all huddled in, under our blankets and sipping on hot chocolate.
That being said, sometimes there's nothing prettier than a nice snowfall.
Everything is white and pure again. Sounds are numbed by the snow, and all you hear is the soft rustling sounds of snowflakes falling, and perhaps distant sounds of snowblowers. Tree branches are frosted white, and there's a thick layer of icing on our patio furniture. The squeaky sounds of footsteps, of the rubber soles against the slippery snow.
It's was something I could not fathom, coming from Malaysia, of how instead of needint to mow the lawn, we use gasoline powered snowblowers to clear the snow. How driving in snow feels, or how you can sweat underneath all that gear, but yet to have your face freeze because of the direct contact with the cold.
This blizzard ends at 9PM tonight. Thankfully, we have nowhere to go this lazy Sunday afternoon. I hear over 2000 flights have been cancelled so far. So, we're just going to stay lazy and enjoy the day.
Stay safe, folks.