Sunday, October 15, 2006

This is yet
another tribute to Amy Beh: I love you. Please marry me...
Out of desperation and boredom, I decided to try another of Amy's recipes (gawd I sound like a girl don't I?) from Something I miss, something that's probably especially popular during the fasting month.
The humble curry puff. Something you take for granted when you're home. After all, with things like rojak or char kuey teow or satay, why bother with something like a curry puff? Simpletons, tsk.
Because it's yummy, you doink. And the size is right. Kinda like the egg; easy to hold, not too big, not too small. Not too substantial a meal, yet cheap enough that you could eat 10 if you were hungry (Not kidding. One year I went home, I had 10 in a 24-hour period).
Anyway, if you lust for this the way I did, check out Wasn't too difficult to make, and if you were lazy enough, could easily substitute the pastry with premade puff pastry from the store. Trust me, these silly Americans don't know better. Some friends of mine still think Nasi Lemak is supposed to be green. And roti canai is supposed to be burnt. My girlfriend thought I was a Kitchen God after tasting my curry puffs. Little does she know...
Then again, the one that takes the cake for Greatest Kitchen Adventure goes to this young lady.
Another Malaysian recipe down, 9,978 to go. Very soon I'll be able to start my own restaurant here.


Anonymous JImbo said...

It's your FIRST attempt right? Then all is forgiven... :-)

1:09 AM  
Blogger edina monsoon said...

Amy Beh was previously Amy Saw. Not a great fan of Amy. I prefer the gregarious Chef Wan. Then again, I may be a tad biased. Chef Wan comes from Pahang. ( where I spent the bulk of my childhood.)

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

Chef Wan has too much estrogen for my liking.

3:08 AM  
Anonymous tikki said...

OMG! I totally agree with you about Amy Beh in this post and the LMK post. I live in Europe and her recipes are great and authentic. Life-saving indeed.

1:53 PM  
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