Sunday, October 08, 2006

Congratulations, guys!

So I get a text message at 4.50 am on the weekend.

"Shireen's in labour"

My first thought in that dreamy state was 'Who's Shireen, and when did I get her pregnant?'
And then I realized that was my buddy from home, Alvin. So I tried to send a Congratulatory/Good luck/This-is-your-last-chance-to-run-away-from-being-a-daddy message (just kidding, Shireen!).
Have you ever tried sending a text message at five-freakin' a.m.? Took me 5 minutes. But anyways, I digress.

So, being the troopers that they were, they went along with it with gusto. I hear from other buddies from home of how she took her time and got some extra sleep after the water broke. And then had a nice meal, showered and finally waddled into labour & delivery. After BH threatened to drag them over. And, true to the football-crazy friend that I know, once the epidural was up and running, apparently she was glued to a soccer match on TV. I bet she popped the baby out while gleefully shouting "GOOOOAAL!"

Alvin & Shireen, congratulations on your little bundle of joy. It's hard to believe how time flies; I was there when you started dating, and when anxiously went looking for an engagement ring like a highschool kid buying condoms, and I was there when you stood like an idiot on that woobly chair at TGIF in Subang Jaya and proposed. Good luck with this new chapter in your lives!
(I'll be the uncle who introduces your kids to alcohol, smoking and pornography)

Baby Annabelle