Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Double Tragedy

Tragic. Dr. Norbaizura was killed following an accident involving the ambulance she was travelling in, during a patient transfer. And now, the MOH has the cheek to say that because she was 'not confirmed', her family would not be eligible for compensation.
Never mind that she was killed on the job. Never mind that these HOs usually don't have any choice when they are asked to go accompany the patients. Never mind that the inefficiency of the system causes confirmation to take up to 2 years.
In the meantime, docs are cheap labour for the government, with little liability for them.

The Star published my letter today, as well as those of others expressing outrage. Though they did chop a lot out and minced my words. You wonder, if your very own hospital, or employers, won't look out for you on the job, who will?
My friend Mat stuck himself with a dirty needle once, while working in GHKL. He told me that the hospital wouldn't do anything, and he ended paying for the prophylactic AZT out of pocket. In most systems here, should any mishaps happen on the job, the doctors are covered. Be it accidental needlestick injuries or motor-vehicle accidents.

The very least workers expect is for their employers to look out for them. It's too bad that that doesn't seem to be case with the MOH.