Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why? Why at your age?
Why so vain?
Now? You crazy ar?

Those were amongst the questions with which I was peppered. Since you'll find out sooner or later, might as well let the cat out of the bag:
I'm getting braces. Yes, the ones for the teeth. Something I've wanted to rectify for years, but never had the guts to. I figured, since I'm working at a decent medical center with an excellent orthodontic department, and since I have good health insurance which would pay for part of this, I might as well get this done now.
Also, this will get the woman off anyone's back regarding issues of marriage, for at least a couple of years. After all, who'd want metal teeth in their wedding photos?
Some interesting factoids. Something I could use to distract people who stare a bit too much at the pieces of steak stuck in the metal wires.
Did you know that the correction of malaligned teeth has been attempted since 1000 B.C.? Or that the first orthodontic text came out in 1850? Wonder what they used back in those days to bind and hold teeth? Mammoth pubic hair? Tree vines? Shudder.
Anyways. They should be coming on in the next few weeks. So be forewarned; don't be drinking any hot drinks when visiting here unprepared, or else you might choke or scald yourself seeing any pictures.