Friday, October 09, 2015

T -1.5 days

I imagine all Malaysian expats do this.
When you get home, you have a checklist.
It may be places to visit. Or stuff to do. People you wanna see. Which applies to me. However my List A, the one I consider priority, is the food list.
Ie. Foods you'd like to consume devour before your flight takes you away from Tanahair again and you are in some place with foods that do not compare. I'd pick Nasi Lemak any day over US$50 filet mignon any day.
And so my list:
Nasi Lemak (x 4)
Ipoh kuey teow
Mah kiok
Bak Kut Teh
Seremban beef noodle
Seremban siew pau
Curry mee
Chicken rice
Chee cheong fun
Banana leaf rice
Curry puff
Tomyum fried rice
Goreng pisang

I leave Monday. Which gives me another ~6-8 opportunities to hit the remaining ones. However, having been abroad so long, my stomach can't contain as much as it used to. And with my Fitbit sending my exercise information directly to my health coach aka wifey, I need to balance things.

Ah hell. I won't be back for another 2+ years. Eat up.