Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Reunion

We had a swell weekend!
The boys and I met up at Sunway Resort Hotel. Some backed out for medical/family reasons but there was still enough of a quorum for us to just almost get into trouble.
It has been years (probably at least 5) since I visited Sunway (aside from driving through it). After all, when I was in Taylors, we frequently this area regularly. And for those ancient enough (ahem) to remember it, we did attend the Salem Beach Blast and Kent Fresh Freakout at Sunway Lagoon many moons ago.
Anyway, I didn't recognize much of this. Undoubtedly the haze played a role- I couldn't see anything! And it gave you the false impression that you were in the cool mist of Genting. Until you step out of your car and realize you're in a sauna. With special aromatherapy ala haze.
The resort was huge, with a cavernous lobby and pretty fancy decor.
We had a junior suite to ourselves, which also gave us access to the VIP lounge on the 20th floor which provides tidbits and refreshments. Until 5:30PM at which they would serve nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages. And so we hung out there for most of the early evening, eating small samosas and pakoras while drinking wine and beer. When the lounge closed, we adjourned and staggered to a restaurant in Sunway Pyramid for more drinks and food.
It was great to catch up with the boys. Yes, we do have good friends near where we live in the US. However, there is a difference between good friends, and childhood good friends. These are the guys I grew up with, some having known me even before kindergarten. These are the guys who know your deepest darkest secrets. The guys you'd want carrying your casket at your funeral, and delivering your eulogy. 
So, much of the night was about reminiscing, laughing over events decades old. Like how one buddy crapped in his pants (literally) in standard 1 because he was too afraid to use the filthy primary school toilet. About first girlfriends, first kisses, first heartbreaks. The what-ifs.The customary dirty jokes- something all-boys-school students know too well. Memories of camping, the prefectorial board. And strangely enough, a testament to the fact that we graduated from secondary school over 20 years ago- we also talked about our spouses and kids, and what our families were up to.
We laughed. A lot. The beer, wine, mojito and scotch probably made the jokes funnier than they really were. There was no filter; we didn't have to watch our language because of kids. We made stupid, politically incorrect, self-demeaning jokes. But I made sure I soaked in years' worth of my pals- pals I haven't seen for years and probably won't see for another few.
Yes, spiritually, I feel recharged, and I have my wife to thank for that for suggesting I make this trip. She knew more than I did how much I missed my pals.