Monday, August 24, 2015

Of having girls

I saw Mr. T the other day for follow up of his thyroid cancer.
He excitedly shared with me that his wife is pregnant, into her 2nd trimester. They are expecting their first,a girl.
In jest (he knew I have two), he asked if I had any advice.
Ah, what would I say?
With girls, you would be sentenced to a life of:
  • A life full of pink, in varying shades, so much so that it begins to become your favorite color
  • Dora, Barbie, Sofia, Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, Belle. You'd learn the words of the themes songs of all the princessy shows
  • Braiding and nail painting (which I secretly enjoy doing now- good bonding time when they're actually sitting with you and listening)
  • Drama. Not the kind I remember growing up with boys. Not of that physical wrestling, punching. But a lot of "mommy, XX said this...."
  • Your wife having natural allies, more than you appreciate. "But DADDY, mom said you shouldn't do/eat that...."
  • Perfumes and make-ups
  • Little hugs and kisses (I'm going to miss these when they hit their teens and stop giving daddy kisses)
  • Tiaras and gowns
  • Unlimited and unconditional love. Even after you've punished them for being naughty

Yes, these are generalizations, but at least for me this is what I have to deal with. And I wouldn't have it any other way (ask me again when they are teenagers).

But no, I didn't give him too much details. All I told him was "You'll love every moment of it".