Sunday, August 02, 2015

Little Lies

My fear is someday my girls will follow my footsteps, and go into medical school and become doctors. 
And then one day, after they have learnt real physiology, they will confront me and angrily say:
"Dad, eating broccoli does NOT prevent armpit hair", or "Eating peas does not make me grow taller!". 
Or, Alli: "Daddy, why are you putting deodorant on your armpits?". Me: "To help the hair grow". Alli: o_O

Please tell me I'm not being a bad dad and telling these little white lies. It's almost too easy now, especially when their daddy is a doctor and knows everything.

After all I remember the ones I was told:
Eating chicken feet will give you bad squiggly handwriting
Not eating all your rice will give your future wife a lot of acne
Eating too much Maggi mee will make you bald (or maybe this explains a lot for me...)

Ah, the joys of fatherhood.