Monday, July 27, 2015

A Gift from a Patient

I received the most unusual gift from the patient the other day.
Over the years, I've gotten some thoughtful things from the people I treat. And no, it's certainly not a requirement or expectation, but it certainly brings some warmth, and a smile, knowing you're appreciated. 
Let's see. Giftcards. An angel ornament. Books. CDs. A mug. T-shirt. Bookmark. Brooch. Cookies. Cake.
And now, fish.
Yup, fish. As in fish a patient caught during a fishing trip. Which he then skinned and filleted himself, then packaged and flash-froze it himself.
He handed it to me when I saw him recently.
It probably isn't worth much. But then again, it was worth everything. This was something he did himself, and of all the people, he thought about his endocrinologist during his fishing trip.
I was very much flattered, and grateful. He gave me some tips on what to do with it. And I think the first batch I cooked turned out pretty good. I cooked it on a grilling plank in my gas grill.
Maybe Portuguese fish curry the next time.