Monday, September 28, 2015

And it begins

My 30 hour trek to Malaysia.
Except this time, it was kinda different.
You see, usually there is a lot of sadness when I'm LEAVING Malaysia. Not much when I'm leaving the USA.
This time, it was interesting. I left the US feeling sad. Torn. Something I kinda was expecting but still unprepared. Leaving the wife, and my two girls behind. Having the darlings bawl at the airport, yelling "Daddy, daddy", as I'm trying to walk up to the security screening with my composure.
I have much to look forward to: seeing mom and dad again. Seeing my brother and sister after a lapse of two years (how time flies). Seeing and catching up with high school buddies- people I haven't seen for ages, and even then, the last reunion only lasted about an hour because of the jetlagged kids, and they weren't on their best behaviour when we were out at dinner. Eating the Malaysian food- this time with no wife or kids nagging about the smell of belacan.
That all being said, I'm kinda surprised by how difficult it was to leave my family behind. How I'd miss everything, from how they spell or kiss or hug or giggle, even to how they throw tantrums. Laying beside the wife in the bed, hearing her breathing. Seeing her smile.
It does certainly make me admire the people who travel a lot routinely without their family. Especially those in the armed forces, having to do stints overseas. Leaving loved ones behind certainly does more than tug at your heartstrings- it's not easy.
I promised Kristin I will have a good time in Malaysia. I'm sure I will. But truth be told, there will be a huge part of me that will be miserable as well until I am with my wife and girls again.