Monday, April 16, 2007


So I'm back. It was a good conference. Great presentations by expert speakers. Some totally captivating, some in that monotonous voice that would put a manic person on LSD to sleep. 9 fellows went from my hospital. My presentation on the medical therapy of Cushing's disease went well.
Seattle's a beautiful city. Just south of Vancouver, in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. The lush greenery surrounded by water, with snow-capped mountains not too far away. Kinda made me realize what one's missing, being in the midwest. And I'm not even talking about the overwhelming number of Asian girls in Seattle, or the paucity of them here. Had major case of nosebleeding.
Gahh, sorry honey, I wasn't looking. Ouch ouch. My eye... Okay okay, change subject.
And the food. Omigosh, the food. As usual, we were stuffing ourselves silly, eating over $60/person/day. Sushi. Portugese food. Seafood. And then, there was this swanky Indonesian restaurant with an amazing menu. Though I enjoyed the food, I thought paying US$6.50 for 2 sticks of satay was ridiculous. Much more so when the satay, though a good meal, 1) tasted nothing like satay, 2) was not served with peanut sauce. I gained 1.5 kgs in that one week.
In my usual busybody fashion, I sniffed out a physician from Singapore attending this conference. In a hall of 300 people, my ears picked up a Malaysian/Singaporean accent, and so I went up to him after that talk to introduce myself. Turns out he knows Vince, a friend of mine who did a fellowship here. It's always nice to meet people from home. Easy to talk to (especially after you've had 7 glasses of chardonnay. Free alcohol at the reception mar! So drink lor- Kiasu ahbeng speaking).

World's very first Starbucks, Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Home to Dr Grey. Nope, didn't run into her. Bahh

Neways. I'm back to work proper. Never mind that I had a ton of patient messages to get back to. I leave for Malaysia in 8 short days!