Saturday, March 17, 2007


Warning, content includes strong language unsuitable for children
Questions regarding my research protocol should have been brought up when the protocol was initially written up years ago. Not when my 21-page manuscript is being tweaked prior to submission for publication.
It's amazing how some senior consultants can be so hands off and not lift any finger to help you problem-solve or give ideas, but after you've done all the work, the same people can be so fucking picky and fussy about details.
And it's also amazing how some cibai consultants, on smelling blood, or in this case possible publication material, suddenly hops on the bandwagon wanting to be co-authors. Kanineh chaucibai.... sang chai mou si fatt! (translation: you really don't want to know what it means. Trust me)
It's a game I guess.
You know it's helpful to have experts on your panel of authors to give the paper more credibility. One can call this a simbiotic existence; they get a free ride on your paper to add to their 200 publications, while you have some powerful names as co-authors.
Except in this case, the very same people who hopped on at the last minute are questioning my study protocol and validity of the results, and are talking my other consultants in to scrapping my manuscript. So, in a nutshell, I'm getting ass-fucked. And people ask me why I hate research.

Ed note: This has been the 3rd and final chapter in our PMS series. We hope you enjoyed the show. After our author has simmered down a bit, our regular broadcast of sex, lies, blood and medicine in general, will return.


Blogger doc said...

ah, i see, you've hit the brick wall that is research & publication. actually, you've no other option. unless you are a hotshot research fellow capable of producing solo papers, there will always be peers & esp. seniors who are just waiting to jump on your bandwagon. but believe it or not, you should be gracious & allow 1, or at most 2, name(s) to be included, as long as you emphasise that you are the lead/corresponding author. that has been the unwritten rule.

as for those that stab you on the back, you just have to be sure that your paper is flawless in all aspects, giving no ground for fault-finding, before submitting. vultures abound in research circles .
all the best & happy publishing!

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Empty babbles said...

Well that's the game in research/academia...a subtle mafia in operation.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Jimbo said...

I can feel what you feel. Which is why I am procrastinating on writing my paper, because a whole bunch of people has already hopped on the bandwagon. And what's worst, my name isn't even going to be in the first place. Worth writing or not I ask you? :-(

12:53 AM  

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