Thursday, April 05, 2007

Phew. The last week has been a long one. Work has kept me busy, to say the least. For one, saw a couple of hypoglycemi@ patients, all real ones. That brings my total to 18 thus far. Considering these things happen less than 5/1,000,000 patients and most physicians never see a case in their lifetimes, I consider myself lucky. But extracting the history, and working these patients up, take an unbelievable amount of time.
And then, my patient with the high-risk thyroid cancer patient checked out okay on his whole-body scan. My sigh of relief was probably as loud as his, as his case greatly concerned me (one of the side effects of getting to know your patients and becoming attached). So for now, he's in the clear until we re-ultrasound him in 6 months. My girlfriend Kris made an interesting albeit striking comment the other day. It must be tough, living life 6 months at a time, until your doc gives you the 'all clear, no sign of cancer', for another 6 months.
And the cherry on the icing, my Cushing's disease patient who had failed a transphenoidal surgery who subsequently had laparascopic bilateral adrenalectomy, came back to see me today. He looked and felt like a new man. Despite initially having a rocky course immediately post-op. I told him seeing him made my day. It really did, for I remember how he looked 6 months ago.
Have also been busy scrambling to complete my chart review in an attempt to salvage my thyroid research project that was left dead in the water. Thankfully I was able to formulate a plan acceptable to the other authors that would validate my data. But that would entail reviewing another 400 charts to make up a new control group. I have been coming home the last couple of days with bloodshot eyes from reviewing patient charts, but 330 charts later, I'm almost done and will be ready for data analysis soon. And I'll be damned if that does not get published someday.
Anyhoo. Just another boring week in the boring life of a boring Malaysian doctor in Boringsville. Sometimes I wonder why on Earth people think doctors lead exciting lives.
Have a good Easter everyone!