Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Roger Roger

These Brits are weird.
Learnt a few new words today. And you know that the words you learn over beer, and from a crazy Brit cardiologist, are things you can't put in a public domain.
Tuesdays are wings nights. BWW has cheap beer (I think they call it Buffalo Piss or something) and cheap wings, in BBQ, teriyaki and some other sauces. Got together with my batch-mates today knowing that we have another 2 weeks left and some of these guys will be leaving.
Hemant is this crazy Brit guy who will be going into cardiology. Done a lot of work and publications on erectile dysfunction. We get along well mainly because he has the same perverted sense of humour as I do, a breath of fresh air in this overglorified, sterile medical center.
I remember one day a year ago, while we were on service for hematology. Dressed in our spiffy suits, nametags and stethoscopes. Consultant walking around like he was God himself. Rounds were putting us to sleep. And then, from the far end of nursing unit 7-4, Hemant shouts out to me in his thick English accent (apparently out of boredom):
"Hey, TK, wanna come touch my bum?"
That cracked me up. The nurses looked at us funny for the rest of the month (never mind he's happily married with a kid)(incidentally his wife is named Veronica. But I had to swear to him I didn't name my car after her), but that is precisely why I love that guy. The sense of humour.
Anyways. The words I learnt (you can look it up yourself):
  • Bugger (not in the Manglish context)
  • Randy
  • Roger

These Brits are weird.


Anonymous cc said...

Gawd, I love Brit humor!

I went gaga over Hugh Grant when he uttered these immortal words, "Bugger off, that's who I am!" to a bunch of bullies in 'About a Boy'.

Man, just can't get over Hugh :P

11:21 PM  
Blogger PaulOS said...

I love watching English movies, that have humour in it. But I don't know why I never caught on to Black Adder.

Mind your language was good
Vanity Fair bagus
Lot Stock & 2 Smoking barrels was hilarious..

Just love how they speak. I must say that I like Aussie too..

1:29 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

Yea the nurses here go GAGA over his accent.
I wonder why the Malaysian accent don't have the same effect on American women?
Not fair-lah

7:03 AM  
Anonymous cc said...

Perhaps too exotic for them leh? :P

8:21 PM  

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