Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Time's a-flying. Can't believe I'll be leaving again in 5 days.
Was just talking to a friend at the mamak last night. An observation I made. It's like, every year I return, it almost feels like there's less and less I'm familiar with with Malaysia. The roads, building etc. But also to an extent, the attitudes. The prices of things. The traffic. The medical system.
I suppose it's only natural, being in the US one tends to compare, which is probably unfair seeing that the US is so ahead. But this leads to frustrations, about how seemingly corrupt this place can be (although I'm thankful the PM's putting his foot down). Inflation (inflasi sifar, yea right. Catchy slogan, a song. Like that's all it would take to decrease this. Prices of everything going up. Some politicians are getting rich at the expense of the people, let me tell you). Why some people can be so selfish (think Malaysian driving habits, using emergency lanes). The misappropriation of resources (tallest this or longest that. UGLY looking light/sculptures. Yet, basic ammenities are lacking; telephones, water. Heck, there was no water supply at home for 12 hours yesterday). The medical system (WFMC's MI door-to-cath time of 20 minutes! Adequate surgical and subspecialty support).
However, in that seemingly perfect world (no, don't kid yourself, the US has its share of problems), the other things that make life complete to me are lacking. Hence my intention to return to Malaysia in 2008.
My fear is that I lose the connection after a while. And decide to stay. I suppose things happen for a reason; so we'll see how the next 3 years pan out.


Anonymous cc said...

Yup, take it one day at a time. Less stress :)

11:07 PM  
Anonymous huajern said...

Door-to-cath time of 20 minutes? Most hospitals in Malaysia dont even have a cath lab(the govt ones I mean). We need you here, but sure you want to come back?

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea and the fact that you're Malaysian and you're doing nothing about it is utterly shameful.What do you think?That one day you wake up angiograms can be done right next door in every hospital?

Things change when people see and change.Not see and grumble.
Mahathir saw that Malaysia lacked status in the world.And he made what was once the world's tallest building..just so all eyes can be on us.
Not only that,the towers touches something in Malaysians that says we're not just some stupid, timid Asians but we're people with ambition, courage and determination.That we can, in any circumstance rise in the face of the world's challenges.
Watching the towers stand tall among the KL mass of skyscrapers says we can do the same in this world.

8:38 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

While i respect differences in opinion, this is after all my blog, and hence, my own biased opinions. this reflects my own internal conflicts regarding the possibility of returning, so if you can't deal with letting me put my views on my blog, perhaps you shouldn't be here.
having said that, yes, i think the twin towers certainly put the country on the map. however, not at the expense of healthcare. no, while it would be ideal, i wouldn't expect every hospital to have cardiac cath lab facilities. but i would expect EVERY hospital to at least have the ability to emergently revascularize a patient with an STE-MI. Especially with the low cost of streptokinase these days. And i wouldn't expect my people to be begging for donations in the papers for a vital surgery that they so need but can't afford. But in the meantime we're spending hundreds of thousands of ringgit on ugly decor that is ripped down months later because it's such an eyesore. Or flying a couple of proton cars to the antarctica just to prove the engines work.
Anonymous: you sound like a medical personnel. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you saw a Dato' or MP get admitted to the 3rd class ward of a government hospital? Would you subject your family members to 3rd class. If your dad had an ischemic stroke, would you take him to hospital daerah XYZ? Does it not frustrate you that the basic ammenities are lacking? That a 700 bed hospital such as Seremban has no cardiologist, or the capacibility to perform a transesophageal echo?
And no, I do not feel ashamed for 'not doing anything'. My time here has not come. And, contrary to what you may think, my work in the US has made a difference, thank you very much.
Lastly, to each his own; I for one do not think that having the 2nd tallest buildings in the world mean that we have ambition, courage and determination. Those, my friend, are qualities you work for. Has nothing to do with the biggest phallus.
I apologise if this seems strongly worded. But I feel offended when someone comes to my blog to read the thoughts and emotions i'm willing to share on a public domain, and disses me for how i feel, and doesn't even leave a name.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous huajern said...

Dont get too riled up Vagus. Maybe Anon was talking to me.

Anon(sorry I cant greet you properly since you didnt have the spherical equipment to leave your name),
I was just mentioning to Vagus the great difference he would experience in coming back, so that he can make an informed choice.
As you said, what have YOU done to change things?
I remain in Govt service, doing whatever I can. For how much longer? I dont know. I cant set up a cath lab, or provide dialysis for all in need etc, but I try to service patients as best as I can. Vagus is learning and exploring, so that he can make a bigger difference later on. Whether for Malaysians or global citizens, it doesnt matter as we are all humans. Again, what have you done? Built the tallest tower in your town so all eyes can be on you?

10:25 AM  
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