Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wow. Hung out at the local pasar malam (night-market) yesterday. Things have changed. You know your hometown's grown when:
  • Besides the usual bootleg CDs, they sell DVDs too (USD 4-6 each)
  • Masago rolls and other sushi joined the ranks of the popiahs and karipaps (I swear, there was sushi there)(although I think you need to have a death wish to try one at a pasar malam)
  • You see vendors with laptop computers and printers there. I think this guy was selling personalized stickers, or something?
  • The mar-kiok is selling at RM0.50 each (I think they were 20 cents each when I was in highschool)

As usual, I had my fill of things. Ahem...


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