Saturday, May 28, 2005


Mom and dad's 32nd wedding anniversary. Wow. 32. Had wonderful time at dinner, with family and some very close friends, good food, a lot of cabernet and scotch whisky.
Gave them a personalized calendar that I had printed in the US before I came back. 18-months, each with a picture of mom/dad.
What was funny though, was how they sneakily 'invited' friends over, and asked them to bring their single pharmacist daughter over (I think their friends were worried too). I found out only because dad, kinda like me, has trouble keeping secrets, and told me the other day they were organizing a 'surprise' for me at dinner. Sounded ominous, almost like when your wife tells you she has quadruplets. So I dug, and I found out.
Nice lady, but there was no chemistry I suppose.
Chemistry huh? That unpredictable, intangible connection between two people. When, for reasons unclear, you click. You just click, and boy, do you click. Wham. And you talk about anything and everything that you just don't want the day to end. Thing is, I don't think you can ever predict who would and who wouldn't. It's not just personality, and even then, it's not like you can predict if similar personalities get along, or if opposites do.
So while I appreciate mom/dad's efforts (and I'm still very amused), I told them not to worry. Things have their time and place.


Anonymous cc said...

Congrats on your parents 32nd anniversary!

It is no easy feat to stay as long as they did :)

That's why they arranged pretty girl for you to meet ;)

1:06 AM  
Blogger caryn said...

haha.. u owe me big time, bro.. u know why.. ;)

3:41 AM  
Anonymous PigSr said...

I owe you??? What for??? Like you did anything!

4:16 AM  

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