Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday Monday...

830am: At the EKG lab with Dr. JM, reading EKGs:
Yawn. Boling-lar. Hmm, lemme check my patient calendar for this afternoon.
Woo hoo! Onli 2 patients. Will be done by 2.30 pm.

115pm: After lunch, when I casually strolled in to 4B in my Ralph Lauren shades:

TK thinking: Hmm, should be done really early today. What should I do? Nap till 5 pm, then take the bike out for a ride around Silver Lake? Then a nice cold beer at the backyard to cool down. Have time to study in the evening too.
Secretary: Oh, hi Dr. K. There have been some changes in your calendar. Let me print you a new one.
TK: Oh? Okay. (Thinking: Hmm, oklar, at most they add another patient, still have time to nap)
Secretary: Here you go... have fun.
TK: What the sh*t?? Six patients now??? And all new ones, not my patients.
Secretary: Pardon me?
TK: Oh, I meant thanks.
430pm: Still seeing patients
445pm: Still seeing patients
510pm: Done seeing patients, but now dictating notes and signing prescriptions. %&*$#!!!


Blogger PaulOS said...

TK got SNAFU-ed!! ha ha
sorry lar.. just couldn't resist it..

Well, am sure you caught up with that cold beer later.. hik hik hik...

10:21 PM  
Anonymous RC said...


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