Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Geez! After a butt-busting, hemorrhoid-inducing journey, I'm back in Rochester. It's 11.10am local time, and despite my efforts to keep busy unpacking and staying awake, I suspect I'll need to nap soon (it's midnight back home).
Walked in my front door at about 930pm Tuesday Malaysian time. Can't believe I left KLIA at 315pm Monday. Mom and Dad sent me off, and as usual, Alvin came by the airport. Think he's been sending me off every year since I left for Canada, including that fated year of 2002 when none of my family or other friends were able to see me off. Talk about feeling unimportant (and that was soon after I was rejected by a woman too).
What was surprising was, despite this being my 7th year flying off, it wasn't easier. In fact, as I was leaving home, there was some kinda pepper spray leak at home and as a result, involuntarily my lacrimal glands acted up. Ahem. I blamed it on family, particularly Alex.
Didn't make it easier when I chose to watch a touchy-feely movie on the plane (Hitch, my 3rd time watching it!). Thought there was a lot of truth about the love in that movie. Among the many lines that struck me, was this one Wil Smith's character said about love:
"... coz that's what people do. They leap, and hope to God they'll fly, coz otherwise they drop..."
How true. Love's a big leap of faith I suppose.
Anyway. To answer some of the questions people have been asking me:
  • Yes, I'm glad I went home
  • Yes, I ate everything I wanted to, and more
  • Yes, Veronica started without so much as a grumble
  • Yes, my sunflowers and carrot plants are growing okay (although I think the pansies gave up)
  • No, I don't start work till Thursday
  • No, I'm not sharing any of the Maggi Chili Sauce I sneaked back in
  • Yes, I put on weight


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you feel home-sick while you are in states? As for me, I am terribly home sick when I was in Davao,Phils. Mind share with me how do you overcome all these emotionals effect?

7:48 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

yea, of course i get homesick at times. but then again, i've been away from home since 1998. so it gets somewhat easier i guess. key is to have a circle of frens close by, malaysians (so that you have your own people near) as well as foreigners, so that you attempt to integrate yourself into a different culture. dun stick only to msians.

1:35 PM  
Blogger chwee said...

Maybe I was not as lucky as you.There are only 3 Malaysian students(including me) in my previous med school.You are very fortunate!

1:20 AM  

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