Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Ugh. My butt aches. And no, it's not what you sick perverted people are thinking.
Had a very vigorous game of squash with a buddy. 2 hours of butt busting, obscene cussing, hand numbing squash. Without air-conditioning. Think I almost died from heat exhaustion. It was fun. And of course, games are always more fun with trash-talking. Just hope I don't start having bloody urine or something. Heh heh, kinda brings to mind this patient I saw and really sympathized last year.
Elderly guy, but nonetheless fit. In his late sixties. Married to the most delightful (but practical) lady. Spent hours in the garden doing some landscaping, which included lifting heavy rocks. After that, he decided to play golf. And he decided to play 36 holes!
Didn't quite make it, he became too tired after 20 or so. Came to the ER after his pee looked reddish. Rhabdomyolysis. Muscle breakdown from overuse/trauma, with the reddish pigments coming out in the pee. Which also drove him into renal failure.
He was otherwise alright. And treating him was simple enough; IV saline. Lots of it. But we couldn't save him from the major complication: His wife of many years. Just nagged and nagged and nagged him about how silly and over-ambitious he was. And nagged and nagged. For the 3 days he was in the hospital. About how he wasn't 20 years old anymore.
Poor guy; he looked so helpless and frightened.
Don't know why, thought about him after my game. If I end up in the Seremban Hospital tomorrow, you'll know why...


Anonymous cc said...

Wei, are you implying that delightful and practical people nag a lot?

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Vagus said...

hahaha. touche.
nolar. wife was really a nice lady. but she was really nagging him. and in a funny kinda way he was really asking for it. i mean, 36 holes! do normal people even try to play that number???

5:24 PM  
Blogger PaulOS said...

yo dude... My dad plays 36 on occasion.. I have played 27 in a day as well.. and it's invigorating.. hoh hoh hoh..

i know I should be sleeping, but I am still awake.. (145am)..

btw.. our minds are not "perverted" as you claim.. just ... "creative" and "imaginitive", alive.. active.. ha ha ha.. see ya some time Doc..

12:41 PM  

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