Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why Medical Dramas are Fake

  1. A neurosurgeon looking like McDreamy
  2. A presenting complaint of skin rash elicites a differential diagnosis that includes acute pulmonary embolism (the scriptwriter for House MD really should consult a real doctor)
  3. All the doctors and nurses are hot
  4. The same doctor admits the patient, wheels them to MRI and operates the damn machine AND reads the images, hangs the IV fluids, assists with surgery, and if the patient dies, performs the autopsy.
  5. The docs are humping like jackrabbits on Viagra Extra Strength
  6. The surgeons scrub in BEFORE they put their masks on. Dooh.
  7. The chest never rises during CPR (or maybe the docs weren't ventilating adequately)
  8. Dr. House able to make a diagnosis of pheochromocytoma on the basis of a patient's extreme rage and superhuman strength
  9. Residents still look pretty and have make-up on post-call
  10. The hospital cafeteria food actually looks good
  11. Interns have a social life
  12. Doctors put their stethoscopes on backwards (earpieces pointed backwards instead of forward)

The Author wishes to acknowledge Kristin, R.N., and the 3M™ Littman® Cardiology III patient acoustic instrument for their contributions in the production of this highly educational pictorial