Saturday, February 25, 2006


Ok, so I lied.
I'm not blogging from the USA (yet).
Am at the Incheon International Airport, Korea. Have another 3 hours to kill before my connecting flight. Already did some shopping; bought some weird ginseng-chocolate for my secretaries, so I had nothing else to do.
So, am using the internet kiosk here. Which by the way is driving me nuts. USD3 for an hour, which is fair. But I am having so much trouble typing on this blardi Korean font keyboard that I'm close to quitting. Can't seem to get a backslash even. And half the words on this screen aren't English.
Lookie here. I can do 세ㅏㅜㅠㅊㅍㄳㄷㅁㅇ!!! I don't even know what it means, and for all I know I just cursed twenty generations of kids to a life without backsides (don't ask; old Cantonese curse phrase).
The flight was uneventful this time. All 7 hours of it. There was an infant 2 seats to my left, but no, he was good and slept all the way. Apart from my migraine, there was no medical emergencies.
Thanks everyone, for sending me off at the airport just now. Always bittersweet; in a way you kinda wish no one you cared about would send you off, so that it would make leaving easier. But, when you see your family and friends there, you're overjoyed that you get to say goodbye to them.
As usual, there was a lump in my throat just now. But it's gone now, thankfully.
Will report in when I get in at 6-ish a.m. Sunday Malaysian time.


Blogger piffles said...

=) no girls to look at?
sorry, belated farewell *hugs*

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Rina said...

Yay! I saw somebody in the picture!! Yay!!

8:51 AM  
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