Thursday, February 23, 2006

25 hours to go

One more day.
This trip really just breezed by.
Today, at the pasar malam, as I strolled with dad, I told him I felt like a deathrow prisoner choosing what he wanted for his last meal. Should I take popiah? Or curry puff? Hmm, that looks good too.
Because of that, I overate. Literally. Kinda feel like I'm pregnant at 34 weeks, and that critter is about to burst out of my belly like that dude in The Alien.
Today alone, Ipoh sar hor fun, then hainanese chicken rice for lunch. Then, afternoon tea of 3 goreng pisang and one curry puff. Dinner was 12 sticks of satay and one popiah, and supper was a latte with half a slice of cheesecake. Bleh.

I remember thinking while at the night market of how I'll miss our culture. Then again, hours later when I drove past that area and saw all the rubbish strewn around there, for a moment I wasn't sure (really, we need to learn the simple rights & wrongs. We need to get past that).


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