Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The trip to date...

Slowly getting into the groove of things. At least now I'm not longer waking up at 3am. Time's really flying.... 4 days into my trip... only 8 days to go. Blardi hell. In short, this is how things have been:
Nasi Lemak
Roti roti roti
Lor Mai Kai
Fried kuey teow
Banana leaf rice
Dim Sum
Wan Tan Mee
Siew Pau
Char Siew Rice
Have been constantly nosebleeding since I came back. I forgot people start off being slim. What with my 400-pound can't-fit-in-CT-scanner type patients there. Omigod... my eyes were just confused having too many gorgeous people to look at in KLCC. Bangsar. 1 Utama. Even IMU, for that matter (I'll need to speak to college admin... we NEVER had anything like that. Unfair). Too many. So very pretty. Even my friend's Canadian wife was practically drooling at them (admit it, CW!).
Have been able to meet up with some people, mainly my good friends from my hometown. Haven't yet been able to meet everyone on my hitlist; some bloggers I'm keen on meeting, some old friends. Looking at the way time's running out... I probably won't be able to meet everyone this visit too. So many people, so little time. Might have to cancel my Singapore trip too.
Valentine's Day:
Had a swell time, met up with a classy lady for dinner for Valentine's day. The dinner itself was kinda disastrous, starting the long wait for our table (they eventually forgot they had us waiting), what with the stupid restaurant service (we waited to order, and when I finally grabbed a waiter to place the order, he had the cheek to say the kitchen was closed! With a few choice words, I convinced him to take our order), and the crazy teenybooper Tanner Stage IV highschool Valentine's day couples infesting 1 Utama (but well, we were all like that once). Sheesh. But the night itself was fun. Always great to meet new people, especially people you've come to know online.
I miss Rochester. I was in a f*cking 3.5 hour jam from KLCC to Damansara to Puchong last night. One of these days, I'm gonna have a carton of eggs in my car, and egg every car that tries to shave off 20 milliseconds from their trip time by driving on the emergency lane. KNNCCB. What is wrong with these people? You know, these mentally retarded people shouldn't be given a license to operate machinery (or to reproduce and spread their gene pools, for that matter).
Between this and the snow, I'd pick the snow. Really. I've given up trying to feel clean. You shower, and 5 minutes later you're clammy again. At least over there you never sweat. And you could recycle your boxers for a week. Not that I do that.
Well. 8 days to go. Will need to make the most of things.


Blogger Chiwi said...

Lol! Once again.. "WELCOME HOME"! hahahaha

4:56 AM  
Anonymous anastasia said...

Sushi? That's not malaysian... Go eat the banana leaf rice at jalan gasing, if ure in pj. Or there's one in kl.

Lol, leave some food for the rest of us ok?

8:41 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

yea man. i love the banana leaf rice at jln gasing. can't decide if i prefer Gems, or the two nearer to the roundabout

9:44 AM  
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