Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is coming. Good (or bad?) thing I'll be home. Anyway, there was a time I'd be crazy about buying flowers for a special someone. My personal favourite was cream-coloured roses, but obviously after RM2000 over 3 years that didn't work for me. And she had the cheek to tell me not too long ago the flowers from that company weren't too nice. Sheesh. Kanineh CCB!
However, this year, perhaps I should do something different. I discovered this company that ships sinful chocolate-dipped strawberries within the continental US. While I haven't tried them myself, I've heard good things about them. I've bought from them 3 times before in the past, and the service is excellent. Price is reasonable if you ask me, though one might not agree if you convert it to RM. Besides, she's worth it, isn't she?
(Answer: Loaded question. Always say yes, even if you have to lie and spend your eternity in hell. Same applies for "Honey, am I pretty?")
Anyway. If one wishes to be traditional and stick to flowers, I feel obliged to mention my KL florists who have done all kinds of shit for me, right down to having their delivery man send Starbucks coffee and sandwiches to my interest who was doing some consulting work in the Shell HQ; I was impressed by the successful completion of their 'mission' seeing that she was not a Shell employee and wasn't listed in the company directory, yet the deliveryman was resourceful enough to find her.
And then there was the time my credit card was blocked for transactions in Malaysia (a US security measure) but yet the florist said, "Don't worry about it, you can pay us later". Despite not ever having met me in person.
Last year, when I got the age wrong on her birthday card, they even gently reminded me that she was turning 27, not 28! Where else can you find a florist like this?
Lillian/Agnes, you ladies rock!


Anonymous anastasia said...

Yes, chocolate-dipped strawberries is the way to go... Lol. Happy Early Valentine's Day.

5:14 AM  
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