Friday, February 17, 2006

Random Thoughts of a Friday Afternoon

It's 6pm over here. Sweltering heat, until the blessed merciful rain came.
I looked at the weather forecast over there in Minnesota. Apparently it was as low as -17 C. A foot of snow, my housemate told me (thank gawd I'm not having to shovel that. Bwahaha)
I catch myself wondering right now, if Mr. X and Mr Y are still alive. Chances are they're both deceased.
Peacefully, I hope. Because having to code Mr. X would be disastrous. Truly disastrous. And perhaps partially for my own selfish reasons too; I'd hate to be the one doing chest compressions, because you know you're going to be squishing out GI secretions from his enterocutaneous fistulae.
For whatever reason, when I was napping just now, I dreamt about my very last code. 8 months ago. Elderly lady with PEA (pulseless electrical activity). I dreamt about how NS and I worked on her for 15 mins. And just as we were gonna quit, her rhythm and pulses return. Except by the time I evaluated her during the MICU admission, I find her pupils dilated and unresponsive. Absent brainstem reflexes. And so, after all that work, we told the family she'd never come back. I had to request her husband's permission to shut off the ventilator.


Blogger dobbs said...

Dreaming about your last code shows you sure need the break from work. Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope you finish your things-to-eat list!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Chiwi said...

Hey.. I'm glad you are still "free" and not under detention ;)
It's sad that you doctors have to see death and seperation every day, guess that's the way of life for a doctor, just have to accept that it comes with contract, but it's most sad, when you see doctors that are so used to it that it's "nothing".
I guess it's really hard to leave it at the door-step when you get home? Wouldn't want to trade anything to be a doctor! I salute you!

9:52 PM  
Blogger vagus said...

well it depends lar. sometimes in the hustle and bustle of work... one really can get desensitized to death.
but when things slow down, or when you've had time to let it sink it, then sometimes it hits you.
yea dobbs am working towards completing my list.
hoping to meet up with u and palmdoc... the way my days are running out though.. not sure if i'll have time.

10:40 PM  

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