Sunday, February 19, 2006

What I miss about Home

We had a barbeque last night. It's become a bit of a tradition in my family (and circle of friends). Every year when I return, dad would organize a barbeque (he's a bit of a pyromaniac) and I'd get my friends to come. Except this year it was distinctly different.
Firstly, one of my bestest buddies couldn't come; his sister was getting married, and he has his own family obligations now.
Was able to get some friends from my past to come... people I haven't seen in years.
Also another couple from my closest circle of friends, just found out they're expecting.
We reminisced. Old camping days. Our days in the prefectorial board. Fun times. And realized, to our (or perhaps just me) that we're turning 30 this year. And while many has a lot to show (family), the rest of us don't. Aside from our careers, that is, which means diddly-squat at the end of the day. Really.

Nonetheless... this brought back old memories. After all, after the BBQ, we adjourned to the local mamak and hung out there until 3am. Like the good old days. Though I see these guys (and girls) only once a year... it's nice to see, to feel that the bond we have hasn't changed. It's nice to feel accepted for who you are, not because of that nametag you wear, or the degrees you have on your wall, or because of your publications (or lack of it), or that farking stethoscope you wear around your neck. Just pure and simple love & friendship.

I'm gonna miss you guys. More than you'll ever know. Because at the end of the day, when I'm down and tired and discouraged, you guys understand me. Perhaps it is true what someone told me, that sometimes what we miss more are the memories.


Anonymous sabrina said...

"It's nice to feel accepted for who you are, not because of that nametag you wear, or the degrees you have on your wall, or because of your publications (or lack of it), or that farking stethoscope you wear around your neck. Just pure and simple love & friendship.

Totally agree with that.Seems like everywhere you go, you are bound to meet people that take advantage of you.

6:47 PM  
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