Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Boy, talk about homesickness.
One thing I told my sis when I left home this year, for the 8th time running, is that it never gets easier. I hope she's stronger than I was when it's time for her to leave home next year.
But anyway. Today went well. Good day at work with some very interesting cases (I'm sending that lady to surgery tomorrow. Partial pancreatectomy). Got to play with some very canggih imaging machines; PET+CT scanners (amazing colour 3D images I never thought possible without cutting into a patient), thyroid and parathyroid nuclear scans.
And then I came home, was listening to the radio when I worked out in my gym. Boom. It hit me.
Micheal Buble's 'Home'. Man, talk about a song that will make you homesick.
If you're abroad right now, I strongly recommend you not listen to it. But if you're a sucker for punishment, check it out. It's actually a wonderful piece of music.
Kinda like that song someone introduced me to. 'When you say nothing at all' by Allison Kraus. That song's hauntingly beautiful; I'd marry the first girl who sings that song to me (Suanie, are you there??). Heh heh.
Just went in to check on my patient. Thankfully things went well. Distal pancreatectomy, uneventful surgery. I'm still awaiting the path report.
Thank God. I was anxious about her all day.