Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Day One

Lived through Day #1. 6 hours down, another 6 tomorrow to go.
Geez, can't believe how anxious I was yesterday. Had trouble sleeping, and woke up at 530am this morning. I suppose the exam went well (touch wood), wasn't as bad as I had thought it to be. Although the questions were at times mind-boggling:
  • Was that really tularemia??
  • Sarcoid, sarcoid and more sarcoid
  • Eaton-Lambert syndrome (I think...)
  • Methanol intoxication (thank God I remember the osmolar gap formula)
  • AML M3

One more day...


Blogger PaulOS said...

Dunno Tularemia... but I know "Ular-ism" hi hi hi

Sarcoid ? Sarcastic Humanoid?

Eaton Lambert Syndrome -
Eat whom Christopher Lambert.. some kind of cannibalistic syndrome?

Methanol Intoxication.. me never.. but I guess.. alcohol .. got lar *same family right.. methanol and alcohol*.. or is it the same thing.. *hic*

AML M3... some kind new BMW series.. AMG BMW M3 ? *grin*

Hang In There Bro!.. God Bless

9:46 PM  
Blogger vagus said...

here's an interesting thing about methanol poisoning. Parents: this is where you close your kids' eyes.
Poor, homeless people can't afford alcohol (ethanol). so, they gulp methanol or ethylene glycol (antifreeze). get high. come to the ER (cos if they don't they die). And we treat them with?
Yup, you guess it. Ethanol. They get a second high.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Sabrina Tan said...

man..how do they know the lethal dose of methanol? is it home brewed or sumthing?!

11:53 PM  
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