Thursday, August 04, 2005

Things I've Learnt

I've learnt that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, people just don't give a damn. Nada. Not a rat's ass.
I've learnt that life isn't fair. Never was, never will be. The prize doesn't go to the person who deserves it, but always to the person who kissed the most ass.
I've learnt that walking away is often the best solution to many of our troubles.
I've also learnt that walking away isn't as easy as we think.
I've learnt that everyone likes to have a 'good friend' around to bitch or turn to. But being a 'good friend' is often a lonely place with little rewards.
I've learnt that some people who deserve to live, often die.
And that some people who shouldn't live, sometimes do.
I've learnt that physicians shouldn't be making judgments on who should live and die. But we're only human.
I've learnt that some people (myself included) can be infinitely stupid at times.
I've learnt that things that are often the most precious in life; love, friendship, faith; can cut and hurt you deepest. And sometimes, the damages are intentional.
I've learnt that it's possible to keep going when you've been awake for 32 hours and every single cell in your body is just screaming at you to give up.
I've learnt that sometimes patients die as the direct consequence of your decisions. And sometimes we do make the wrong decisions.
I've learnt that the people who speak the most and loudest, often have the least to say.
I've learn that people you know can sometimes betray you, and when they do, sometimes the best thing to to is to cut your ties and stay away.
I've learnt that flowers can't always melt a woman's heart. No matter how many.
I've learnt that some people like to play on your guilt. And when they do, occasionally the best thing to do is to tell them to f*ck off.
I've learnt that a six-figure salary doesn't guarantee happiness. But it sure buys a lot of toys.
I've learnt that one should always back-up his PDA.
I've learnt that the quality of the stethoscope DOES make a difference, and the lame-ass people who say it doesn't are just too stingy to get anything other than a Fisher-Price stethoscope.
I've learnt that I absolutely hate running cardiac codes.
I've also learnt that sometimes, you pass the point of 'being diligently cute and determined' and become a genuine pain in the ass.

As Andrew Lincoln said in that movie; Enough, now.


Blogger Sabrina Tan said...

well...seems like you and i are in the same boat.
i agree with most of the things that you say.
not sure how much you believe in faith. if you do believe that there's a god, i'm sure that god will help you through.
don't mean to sound like a person who can do the talk, but not the walk.
however without going through obstacles we won't learn new things, about people, about ourselves.
just hang in there, and retreat into a shell if you want. take a chill pill, and be at peace with yourself.
things happen out of your control at most times, and blaming yourself isn't the solution to the problems.
get up and get going.
as for the love thing, not sure if you are referring to BGR (boy girl relationships). if it's anything else, well, love hurts because you have to sacrifice for love.
as for BGRs, don't waste too much time dwelling on it. we go through disappointments and shit happens.
most important thing is that we learn the mistakes, move on, be a better person/new person.

7:01 AM  

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