Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's been a while since I lusted the way I shamefully did yesterday. That uncontrollable urge. I know, it's wrong for one to do so, especially if one is in a happy relationship. How would I even explain this to Veronica?
Went over to the bike shop to pick up some gear.
A Camelbak hydration pack and Cateye speedometer.
Then, decided to look around the road bikes (we call them racers back home). Before coming here, a long time ago I was a road bike person. Just love the way the pedals respond to the firm downward force of your feet. And you shoot off like a bullet leaving the barrel.
On long-distance biking, the much less wind and ground resistance is glaring (p/s: when I say ground resistance, I meant dynamic friction between the tires and the road. Not me). The road bike tires are much narrower.
Anyway, I kinda missed that feeling. Not exactly what you get with a Mongoose 21-speed mountain bike. Although the MTBs are sturdy and built like a tank. And it's nice to have front and rear suspension. But I decided to check out the racers anyway.
Holy cow!! Works of art. Nothing like the ciplak racers we have back home. Beautiful carbon fiber or alloy or aluminium frames. Shifters located at the brake handles themselves. Nifty.
And then came the bomb. Special offer for a 2005 Specialized Allez model: US $1009.
You won't believe how tempted I was with that. My loins were just aching for the feel of a racer's seat (actually hurts some, the way you sit on them. In fact someone once told me long-distance cycling is associated with a lower sperm count. Couldn't be bothered looking it up though). I could feel my Visa in my back pocket just struggling to get out. That's the bad (or good) thing about being a single doctor; you can spend your money without having someone wiser knock some sense into you. Then again, these 'wiser' entities tend to go insane at handbag and shoe stores, strangely enough. Perhaps leather emits kryptonite rays.
But I had trouble justifying spending RM 3.7k on a bike. Especially when I have another. And Veronica.
So, I left. Took their card and catalogue, and am left drooling over these things in the privacy of my bedroom.


Blogger PaulOS said...

Ewww.. ... please leave the last sentence out. ha ha ha ha..
drooling eh?

Well, I wish I had the time to go out biking on the weekends... coz when I'm not busy.. it rains on the weekends.. when I'm busy, it's shining rays of bright shiny lights.

4:26 AM  
Blogger JoKontan said...

Eh Doc,

The Camelbak Hydration pack looks like some kind of extra-long-dick supporter, ah ?

Truly enjoying your blog

4:08 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

yea, kinda looks like that doesn't it? that's a drinking tube... dun even need to stop to drink. just pull the tube into your mouth, bite down and start drinking.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous AL said...

First things first, I doubt the road condition there are as horrible as back home, testing your skills at avoiding the pot holes ....

Secondly, the weather here are absolutely amazing piece of work. Totally unpredictable (reminds me of girls). Now with the haze and all that ... (reminds me of girls on a bad hair day ..)

Lastly, the drivers ... being as civilized as we are ... we are better off driving battle tanks.

3:40 AM  
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