Monday, July 25, 2005

"Have a heart..."

Started my rounds at 715am today. Got a call from one of the cardiac surgeons to see a patient of theirs.
Gentleman in his 50's with dilated cardiomyopathy, no history of diabetes, status-post heart transplant last week, now on massive doses of steroids and having post-op hyperglycemia. Looked at the name, and thought it seemed familiar. So I dug around a bit deeper.
I'll be damned!
Mr. X was one of the 3 stooges (or the 3 wise men, depending on which nurse you talk to) I was looking after last December. Of the 3 of them, he was the last to get his new heart! Was thrilled to see him again, and he thought I looked familiar too. Glad he lived long enough to receive his gift of life from some anonymous saint.
Did get me thinking too; a gastroenterologist here was killed in a car crash while driving to a rural hospital to see patients. On the same day. And he was 42, left behind a wife and 2 kids. Tragic, really. One life ends, another 'begins' (again). Is it possible that's who he got his heart from? Who knows?
The evening was pretty interesting too. Bad storm in the midwest, with a tornado warning at 5pm. I heard over the radio a twister actually touched down some miles away (small one, no one was hurt).


Blogger Yan said...

Hi, one life ends, another begins... But life never ends, the end is the beginning.

However, you certainly live life to its fullest and in its pursuit of joy.


1:44 AM  

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