Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chicago (yet again)

My housemate and I made an impromptu weekend trip to Chicago. 5 1/2 hours drive from here, to hang out with my friends Nick and Helen. It was a beautiful weekend, a lot of sun. We had a great time there. This is my portable GPS navigation system; it got my housemate and I there in one piece (despite our Malaysian driving habits).

Below is an aerial picture of the Millenium Park. One of my favourite haunts in Chicago. A lot of artsy-fartsy things, including the pavillion in the upper part of the picture, the shiny orb-like piece of sculpture on the left (we call it the jelly-bean) and that huge wall-like structure with the person's face, which gushes water every couple of minutes.
Basically, besides catching up on dirty jokes and playing video games, we ate. And ate. And ate. This was one (of 3) helpings of sushi/seafood I took at Todai. Note the sisa-sisa of a large crab.

Now, this was a work of art. Had brunch at this really nice joint called the Bongo Room (which kinda sounds like a strip club, doesn't it?) on Milwaukee Ave. Had Eggs Benedict for my entree, and we all shared this humongous pillar of chcolate and bread they called Chocolate French Toast. Basically french toast dipped in chocolate. When you stabbed it with your fork, it would bleed chocolate syrup. It was so sweet that they had to serve it with syringes filled with insulin.

And this was how I looked after finishing brunch. Had trouble keeping my eyes open for the 5 hour drive back here. But overall, it was a great trip. It was nice meeting up with Nick and Helen again. To be able to be myself. Speak in Manglish. Cuss our favourite swear words. Do our crazy boy-things (poor Helen was cringing and shaking her head most of the time though).

Chicago skyline, and Lake Michigan. My one glamour shot.


Blogger PaulOS said...

you pang-sai-ed? well.. that's when a bidet comes in handy .. ha ha ha... GPS... hmm .. why need? if you can drive in KL without getting lost.. i think getting to Chicago should be as easy as peas..

11:22 PM  
Anonymous cc said...

*drool* *drool* *DROOL*

1:18 AM  
Blogger Sabrina Tan said...

i on the other hand, pity the poor crab..
My fellow Star sign ;)

4:53 AM  
Anonymous YP said...

the choc thingie.. looks yummy. *drools*

7:41 AM  
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