Saturday, July 02, 2005

It was a beautiful day today. And since I had the day off, figured I should take advantage of it. So, loaded my bike unto Veronica, and drove an hour south to the small town of Fountain. Planned to bike on the Root Rover Trail, a trail I've biked on before.
It was glorious. Warm, up to 28C. Had all my gear; bike helmet, gloves, water, MP3. The trail was relatively busy too, a lot of cyclists out. Started off at about 345pm for the quaint town of Lanesboro (same place where we canoed 2 weeks ago). The trail was decently paved. The trail, about 20 km each direction, brought me through flat, boring farmland terrain, hilly bluffs, along the scenic Root River. Crossed numerous wooden bridges such as the one below.
Root River Trail. From Fountain to Lanesboro (actually went slightly beyond that) and then back to Fountain. Total distance about 40 km. I guess I overestimated myself. For the last 2-3 kms, I had to stop for walking breaks. My quadriceps were just killing me, from the accumulation of lactic acid. And, thanks to my genius, I had neglected to bring any energy source. All I had was water, and some diet Coke. Which had no much-needed glucose.
(Why oh why did I not bring any chocolates? Ugh, 1 more kilometer to go. Go go go. No, need to stop. No, go. Damn)
But, in the end, perseverance prevailed. My legs were so tired they felt like jelly. Made an immediate pitstop at the nearest Dairy Queen for some milkshake.
Never again. Not without more training first.


Blogger chwee said...

Nice pictures! I enjoy looking at them. Hope to read more about your adventures!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Watch 'n Wait said...

Gawd! You are a glutton for punishment! Lovely nice to stroll through that area, but no! Off you go and about ruin your constitution with no chocolate!!! That alone...well! No wonder you were so pleased to get to the finish line. :) I swear you do the damndest things! No matter. Congrats for making it! You did good.

11:36 PM  

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