Thursday, June 23, 2005

Online Doctor Consultation

Got an email from a buddy in Malaysia, questions following my recent blog outburst, wondering which test he should go for. His menu was like this:

Type of checkup :
A) RM380
1) Blood test
2) ECG
3) Chest X-Ray
4) Cancer cells check only for liver and colon (based on family history, unless there are other specific places to test, additional charges apply)
5) Analysis by Medical Officer (like normal GP)

B) RM450
All as above except analysis by Specialist, not MO.

Thought option B was funny, having the choice of a more specialized doctor see you instead of an MO. So, seeing that gave me an idea. Perhaps I could make some extra cash by doing online consultation huh?

Dr. K's consultation options and fees:
Examination by a board-certified, US-trained subspecialist: (Come back in 3 years time)
Examination by a specialist in internal medicine: US$ 250
Examination by a medical intern: US$100 (get one of my interns to do this)
Examination by medical student: We pay you US$50 per student

Package includes 132 of our most popular blood test, even able to test if your great-grandkids will be smart or stupid, and palm-reading by our resident chinese palm-reader/bomoh/bobohizan/exorcist.

Now, buy one, get one free!*
*Applies only to digital rectal exams. Does not include price of a 2nd pair of surgical gloves


Anonymous cc said...

Man, this is one wacky post.

Kinda reminds me of those hair salons where they have different pricing for apparentices and professional stylists.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous antatosh said...

Hmm.. I wonder whether WFMC actually bills differently for residents and consultants.. I don't think they do but who knows..

I do know that it is common practice in malaysia to have various packages costing differently depending on who does the consultation..

As for the rectal exam comment, I don't want to know why a endocrinologist would be sticking fingers up places where they don't belong..

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, hematology-oncology wannabes from penang not welcome here. somemore i can stick my finger up anywhere I like (better lock your door:P)

6:45 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Ooo... I like the last bit about the medical students...

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Dr. Economides said...

One biggest advantage of consulting with an online doctor is that you will receive immediate response regarding with the medical diagnosis you inquire. You can also saved up time and money since you don't have to wait and spend on gas.

12:41 AM  
Blogger mediangels said...

Very useful post about online doctor consultation, most of the people prefer to get a second medical opinion or online doctor consultation when advised major surgery.

2:30 AM  

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