Saturday, June 18, 2005

Boy, was this a fun weekend. Hosted my graduation party on Friday (everyone was keen to get together, but no one volunteered their place). It's sad, some people have begun leaving this place. The ones going to Johns Hopkins left this weekend. We started with 42 people in the class, had a couple of casualties; people who dropped out to go into a different specialty or work in a different hospital. But it's been a memorable 3 years, having made a lot of friends I'll miss. The barbeque was a reminder too though; we were socializing at the party, but in the background St. Mary's Hospital stands. The helicopters were really busy today (see picture), grim reminder that someone's always working. For thankfully, at least for the weekend it wasn't us.
Also went canoeing at Lanesboro with some Malaysian friends. Got thoroughly burnt. We were so smart that we forgot the sunblock:
Wei, where's the sunblock?
What do you mean where's the sunblock? I thought YOU were bringing the sunblock?

Tried to prove my point my showing off my bikini lines at dinner. Butt still like pak-cham-kai. It took a strong will for Helen to contain her gastric contents and not puke.

It was a great day; plenty of sun, good friends and a 3 hour canoe ride. Plenty of boating mishaps which we won't mention again (but no one capsized, unfortunately). By the end of the journey, I couldn't feel my arms anymore.

"Pay to suffer. Why??" My mom would say.


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Congratulations! Wish you success in everthing you do!

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