Sunday, June 19, 2005

SUTA Syndrome

Been facing this person with some distinct symptoms. Perhaps I should write this case up and try to get it published in a medical journal. Wouldn't mind having another publication. I shall call it SUTA Syndrome.
Stick stuck Up The Ass Syndrome. When someone just has trouble not being rude and has to expel some offensive words from his/her oral orifice.
For some reason, this one person (I'm assuming it's the same guy/girl but it's hard to tell when someone lacks the balls to leave a name). First it was some comment on my personal blog thoughts. Then it's some comment on someone else's medical blog. The original topic was about the withdrawal of recognition of a Russian medical school by the Malaysian Medical Council. Seems like this person really has it for me. Reasons I postulate:
  • I slept with his sister in my past life
  • He/she's frustrated by the system where he's at, and wants to take it out on others practising and specializing elsewhere
  • He/She thinks I make more money than he/she does
  • Atrophy of the frontal lobe
  • Atrophy of the gonads
  • I 'yong-sui' (likely major culprit too)
Anyway. Ariel taught me that there's a name you give these people. Trolls.
As such, I will not lower myself to his/her level of name-calling and ill-mannerisms, and walk away as gracefully as an elephant on stilts.
Oh well. But back to the original topic of the derecognition of a med school in Russia, on one hand it's good to see that MMC appears to be putting the interests of the patients first (at least from a zillion miles away that's the impression I get), but on the other hand I imagine the med students there must be feeling really crummy. It's a punch in the gut when someone says they doubt the quality of graduates of your medical school, whether or not it's true. And, with the crazy money-making private medical tuition fees in Malaysia, this has been a welcome alternative for struggling families. Until now. I hope the students and families are able to find peace and not let this affect them much. God knows medical school is stressful enough.
SUTA Syndrome.... gotta start working on the abstract...


Blogger PaulOS said...

it's quite uncanny that you came up with that term.. hi hi hi.. in tamil..


literally means you meant by SUTA

quite tickled by it...

8:38 PM  
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