Sunday, June 19, 2005

Heavy traffic

Looks like a busy day. The helicopters were just flying in and out. I'm glad I'm not working today. Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, CCU, Neuro ICU, trauma OR and ED; that's the usual destination of these patients. Occasionally they (or rather, the organs) go to the transplant surgery patients. Well, wherever they go, I hope the patients do well.
These are some of the pictures I took today. The ER residents get to work on the medical airlift helicopters, and they get their own navy-blue flight suits to wear. Now, THAT's envy for you. Every male resident I know wishes he could fly in the helicopter. Even those 40 year old ones. At the very least, to have your own flight suit (I'd be sure to get that Top Gun Rayban sunglasses too!).

This one reminded me of Airwolf. You know, that ultracool black super-heli, piloted by Stringfellow Hawke? Come on, I'm sure you remember...

This one's one of our three. M-One.


Blogger Asyraf Lee said...

Yeap. I still remember Airwolf and at that time, it's more like Apache+Cobra+stuffinsideacivilianchopper. Used to watch it when I was lil.

6:38 PM  

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