Sunday, July 03, 2005

Boys with Too Much Time on Their Hands

Question: What do you get when you put a crazy Seremban clown and a retarded Penang nut together on a long 4th of July weekend?
Answer: Boys with too much time on their hands
Kicking football around at backyard
CSC: Hey, look at them fireflies
RPN: Maybe can take photos
CSC: Ya ya. Let me get my tripod, can use long exposure to catch their blinkin' asses
15 minutes later, inside house...
RPN: Oii, quick quick. Have some in my hands. Find me a transparent jar or something?
CSC: Hmm, where got? Aiyah use my beer glass lar.
RPN: Too small lar. Get Helen's sushi seaweed jar (please don't tell her we used that to store bugs!)
RPN: Ok, all 5 bugs in. Now all we do is wait for them to blink and we snap some photos
15 minutes later...
CSC: Eh, still nothing la. You sure you didn't kill them or squish their glow-glands ar?
RPN: Nolar, still moving. I think that one's feeding on the seaweed
CSC: I think I read from somewhere they don't glow in captivity?
RPN: Lemme go check the web...
5 minutes later...
RPN: Hey, this website suggested warming them up to get them to be more active. That'll start their blinking
CSC: Warm? How? Can put the jar into the microwave or not? Ok, got it. Lemme use my portable winter heater and blast the jar with it
5 minutes later...
CSC: Sh*t! The blardi room now like a sauna and they're still not doing anything. Wait wait... that one seems to be moving. Lemme get my camera and tripod ready...
RPN: THERE! THERE! Blinked! Quick, take photo!
CSC: Sh*t, missed it. Ok, camera now ready. Come on my pretty ladies. Show me your booties...
2 minutes later...
RPN: Nothing wor
CSC: WTF??!? This is pathetic.
5 minutes later...
CSC: Aiyar give up lar. Got better things to do. Go let the bugs out lar
RPN: (Lets bugs out of jar) Ok, all done. Eh, they started lighting up again lar. Look at them go...
CSC: @#%$&!!!

Click here for video (couldn't embed the blardi thing)


Blogger PaulOS said...

Aiyor!!! Really nothing else to do.. is there a hope for the future of all Endorcrinologist and .. err I dunno what is RPNs profession.. heh heh heh..

But I am glad that CSC and RPN didn't start holding hands *ref to blog on CC's website* when they saw the fireflies etc etc..

3:45 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

RPN will be an oncologist. Still retarded one, but a well-paid oncologist, no doubt.
No, we didn't hold hands! :P

9:16 AM  
Blogger PaulOS said...

Yeah... you only look for 'hairy legs' right? ;> ha ha ha ha

The phrase "Hairy Legs" has returned to haunt you.. muahahhaha..

8:50 PM  
Anonymous cc said...


Aisey, didn't hold hands ar? Y'think these fireflies only light up for errr... straight couples?? That may explain why they behaved so strangely hor.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Jotay said...

Hahaha... what guys do to entertain themselves. Was once in a situation where I was the only gal around 5 guys and they were up to nonsense doing the craziest things. Don't guys do anything else?

4:35 AM  
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