Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another Day, Another Year

I turn a year older in a couple of hours. How old? Err. 24 (believable?).
Anyway. It's scary being so close to the big 3-0. I guess at one time, i though being 30 was o-l-d. Now, it's all relative. Case in mind, when we were talking about a cute 24-year old pharmacist the other day, and my reaction was "Aiyar, too young lar!".
And then I did a double take. And realized how stupid that comment was. 24 being too young. What it really meant was the rest of us are older.
Looking back years ago, I guess I hadn't really pictured where I'd be when I became older. There were some things that I had thought I would have achieved by the time I became 30. Among them:
  • I thought I would have been married for a couple of years
  • Become a parent by 30 (well, still one more year to work on this!)
  • Expected to have settled down professionally and started my boring GP clinic practice. But, as life unfolded, my career is still very much dynamic and not yet stabilized. I guess I never thought I'd become a subspecialist, much less being trained at the US's 2nd ranked hospital. My family would tell you that I was the homesick kid in the family. Never in my (or their) wildest dreams would anyone have guessed that I'd spend 10 years overseas.
Sometimes life can spring unexpected surprises huh?
Today, got the most thoughtful birthday gift I'd received in a while from a precious person. A short, funny and very touching birthday message/music video. Thank you. That one's going into my personal record book as one of my all-time favourite presents.
With the friends and loved ones that I have, what more can one ask for?


Anonymous melissa said...

hey tk...happy birthday. don't're not the only spouseless and childless person in the world-you at least have me to compete with. *grin*

things happen in their own time. make sure you have something wise to say to me when i hit 30 and all things go tits up! :)

3:05 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

did you really mean to say 'all things go tits up?' or was that a typo? Heh heh, never heard of that phrase before.
how are things there? will be heading to Montreal in November.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous coolcat said...

Wow, what a touching post. Have a great birthday over there. You deserve it :)

11:02 AM  

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