Monday, September 05, 2005

Miracle Blood Tests

Cancer test by bogus NGO
The modus operandi is sleek. A sweettalking “Datin” calls up the human resource unit of a company and introduces her NGO's cancer awareness programme. She claims it is endorsed and subsidised by the Health Ministry and is compulsory for all companies in the private sector. Once the bait is taken, a talk will be held for all women staff at the company's premises. Horror stories about cancer are presented and participants are asked to sign up for blood tests to detect cancer.

They finally highlighted the issue of blood tumour markers, after this non-existent NGO scammed some companies.
I wonder if this was what happened to BH (yes, YOU!) and S when they told me about their company offering these tests.
I remember my reaction.
"You're only 28! Why on #%$*^ do you need this checked??"
Anyway. This only serves to highlight the rampant, inappropriate use of these nonspecific tests. Wrote a letter to the Star's Letter to the Editor. We'll see if they publish that.


Anonymous ariel said...

I hope it does get published. More than that, I hope that something can be done to prevent such things from happening again.

People are fearful through lack of knowledge. It is sad when unscrupulous folks use that to their advantage and feed on those fears.

But then again, how does one know if a medical professional is conducting health awareness talks without insidious motives?

2:55 AM  
Blogger vagus said...

That's a good point. So sometimes it's best to ask the medical professional about the data.
The doctors can sometimes be biased. But the research data would not lie.
However, these things can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand, so you may need to find a doctor you do trust to go over the numbers(statistics, bleh).

8:58 AM  

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