Sunday, February 13, 2005

Had a proper CNY dinner last night. Had a small group of friends, Asians, most from Sinpapore and Malaysia, over for dinner. Quite a number of no-shows, which is something that perpetually irritates me when my classmates here say one thing but do another. Poor mom, spent hours in the kitchen (we helped too)... made over 60 spring rolls, and at the end of the night, we had a lot left over.
Never mind though... we all had fun. Had a few rounds of Halo 2 (us 4 here, with Quan online in Texas). Got creamed proper.
What more could one ask for, huh? Good food in the company of loved ones and good friends. Nick's getting married this August (he's engaged for me to be his wedding dinner waiter, or so he says) so this will be his last chance to actually receive red packets instead of giving them.
After most had adjourned, my friend LP stayed on and we chatted, till 2am. About life, about work and where our careers are headed. About love. He gave me his two-cents worth on the girl I finally decided to let go. Talked about the year we spent teaching clinical medicine in Malaysia, and about the medical students we thought had crushes on the two of us! Talked about the good old times, life in medical school, people who had come and left their marks, and then went along in their own way.Posted by Hello


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